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Ryne Sandberg
1997 Authentic Mesh BP Jersey
Chicago Cubs

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Ryne Sandberg 1997 Authentic Mesh BP Jersey Chicago Cubs - Shop Mitchell & Ness MLB Authentic Jerseys and Replicas

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  • 100% polyester soft, textured, lightweight mesh
  • Twill front and back logos
  • Set in sleeves
  • Player name and year felt ID tag sewn into the back hem
  • Button front opening

Refer to our sizing chart for detailed measurements.

Mitchell & Ness is proud to present our collection of Authentic Mesh Batting Practice Jerseys. These lightweight mesh jerseys first appeared in the late 1970's & were worn during spring training & pre-game warm ups. By the mid 1980's most teams had adopted the standard of the mesh BP as their practice jerseys. They vary in style & color from team to team, each one having its own unique look. In this Mesh BP collection, we have not only ensured that each jersey is 100% Authentic, we have also captured the spirit of the era when it was originally worn.

SKU: 7339-404-97RSAND