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1876The National League of Professional Baseball is formed with eight initial teams - Boston Red Caps, Chicago White Stockings, Cincinnati Red Legs, Hartford Dark Blues, Louisville Grays, New York Mutuals, Philadelphia Athletics and St. Louis Brown Stockings.event thumbnail
Apr 22, 1876The Philadelphia Athletics and the Boston Red Caps play the first official Major League Baseball Game. The Caps win 6 - 5
Sep 27, 1876The Chicago White Stockings win the first National League Pennant finishing the season six games ahead of both Hartford and St. Louis.event thumbnail


1877The 1877 season opens with six teams after the Athletics and Mutuals are expelled from the league for refusing to play their western games. The Hartford Dark Blues leave Hartford and move to Brooklyn before the season begins. They are now known as the Hartfords of Brooklyn. They disband after the 1877 season. The St. Louis Brown Stockings and the Louisville Grays file for bankruptcy after being embroiled in a game fixing scandal after the end of the season


1878The Providence Grays, the Indianapolis Blues and the Milwaukee Grays join the National League. The Blues and the Grays disband after the 1878 season


1879The National League welcomes four new teams - the Buffalo Bisons, the Syracuse Stars, the Cleveland Blues and the Troy Trojans. The Stars did not finish the season, folding on September 10th


1880The Worcester Ruby Legs
Jun 12, 1880John Richmond, of the Worcester Ruby Legs, pitched the first perfect game in Major League Baseball History. The Ruby Legs defeated the Cleveland Blues 1 - 0.
Oct 8, 1880Seven of the eight Major League teams vote to ban beer and Sunday games. Cincinnati's President, W.H. Kennett, refused to vote yes and the Red Legs were expelled from the league


1881The 1881 season opens with another new team, the Detroit Wolverines
Sep 10, 1881Roger Connor, of the Troy Trojans, hits the first Grand Slam in big league history


1882The league experiments with players wearing different color uniforms, depending on their position on the field. The Troy Trojans and the Worcester Ruby Legs are disbanded at the conclusion of the season.event thumbnail
May 13, 1882The National League announces that players will not be required to wear uniforms that are color coded by position for the 1883 season


1883The New York Gothams enter the league with a team made up primarily of former Troy Trojans. Along with the Gothams, a new team from Philadelphia, the Quakers, make their debut. The team from Boston is now known as the Beaneaters
Jun 16, 1883The New York Gothams host what is believed to be the first "Ladies Day" game in baseball history


Jun 7, 1884Providence Pitcher Charlie Sweeney strikes out 19 Boston Red Stockings establishing a record for K's in a nine inning game. That record is not broken until April of 1986 when Roger Clemens fans 20


1885The Cleveland Grays fold after the 1884 season. Taking their place in the NL are the St. Louis Maroons. The Providence Grays fold after the 1885 season and the Buffalo Bisons move to minor league baseball


1886Two new teams debut for the 1886 season, the Kansas City Cowboys and the Washington Nationals.
Sep 11, 1886Connie Mack makes his Major League debut with the Nationals
Nov 18, 1886The Pittsburgh Alleghenys are admitted to the National League


Feb 1887The St. Louis Maroons are sold to a group from Indianapolis. They are now the Indianapolis Hoosiers. The Kansas City Cowboys disband


1889Cleveland returns to Major League baseball, this time as the Spiders. An opening was created after the Detroit Wolverines disbanded after the 1888 season. The Indianapolis Hoosiers and Washington Nationals fold after the 1889 season.event thumbnail


1890The Philadelphia Quakers are now officially known as the Philadelphia Phillies. The Brooklyn Bridegrooms and Cincinnati Reds join the National League. The Chicago White Stockings name has transitioned to the Chicago Colts
Aug 6, 1890Cy Young makes his Major League debut with the Cleveland Spiders and throws a 3 hitter against Chicago


Dec 17, 1891The American Association, a rival professional league folds and four of its teams are absorbed into the National League - Louisville Colonials, Washington Senators, St. Louis Browns and Baltimore Orioles. The Pittsburgh Alleghenys rename themselves the Pittsburgh Pirates


1892To accommodate the new 12 team league, a split season is incorporated. There is now a 154 game schedule split into two championship series
Apr 17, 1892The first Sunday game in Major League history is played. The Cincinnati Reds hosted the St. Louis Browns and beat them 5 - 1
Nov 17, 1892Realizing that the split season does not work, the league agrees to a 132 game schedule with one end of the season champion


May 23, 1895The Louisville Colonels forfeit a game against Brooklyn because they ran out of baseballs


Jul 19, 1897Honus Wagner makes his Major League debut as Louisville tops Washington 6 - 2.event thumbnail


1898The Chicago Colts are now primarily known as the Chicago Orphans


1899The Brooklyn Bridegrooms are now known as the Superbas. The new ownership of the St. Louis Browns change the team's color to red and their name to the Perfectos.event thumbnail


1900The color red becomes so popular in St. Louis that the club is now known as the Cardinals
Mar 8, 1900The National League meets and votes to go back to an eight team league. Baltimore, Cleveland, Louisville and Washington are dropped
Jul 17, 1900Christy Mathewson makes his Major League debut with the New York Giants.event thumbnail


1901A second league, the American League is formally organized. This league consists of eight teams - Baltimore Orioles, Boston Americans, Chicago White Stockings, Cleveland Blues, Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Athletics, Washington Senators
Apr 24, 1901The first official American League game is played between the Cleveland Blues and the Chicago White Stockings. The White Stockings win the opener 8 - 2


1902The Cleveland Blues "unofficially" become the Cleveland Bronchos


Jan 1903A group of men from New York purchase the Baltimore franchise and move them to New York, naming them the Highlanders.event thumbnail
1903The team from Cleveland is now called the Naps. The Chicago Orphans are now the Chicago Cubs
Oct 1, 1903The first World Series Game, or the "Championship of the United States" is played. The match up for the series is the Boston Americans from the AL and the Pittsburgh Pirates from the NL. Pittsburgh wins the first game on the road, 7 - 3
Oct 3Games 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 go to Boston, giving them the first World Series title.event thumbnail


Oct, 1904The New York Highlanders refuse to play the AL Champion Boston Americans in the World Series feeling that the AL is an inferior and corrupt league. The World Series in cancelled


Aug 30, 1905Ty Cobb makes his Major League debut as the Tigers defeat the Highlanders 5 - 3. Cobb doubles in his first at bat.event thumbnail
Oct 14, 1905The New York Giants win the World Series title defeating the Athletics 4 games to 1


Oct 14, 1906The all Chicago Word Series concludes with the White Sox topping the Cubs 8 - 3 in game six


1907The Boston Beaneaters are now known as the Boston Doves
Aug 2, 1907Walter Johnson makes his Major League debut facing Detroit. The Senators lose the game 3 - 2.event thumbnail


1908The Boston Americans are renamed the Boston Red Sox


Sep 13, 1909Ty Cobb clinches the American League home run title when he hits his 9th of the season. All of Cobb's home runs are inside the park HRs


Apr 14, 1910President William H. Taft becomes the first President to throw out the first pitch when he does so before the Nationals game against the Athletics.event thumbnail
Aug 13, 1910The Pirates and the Superbas play the most evenly matched game of all time. The game ends with the score tied 8 - 8. Each team has 13 hits, 38 at bats, 5 strikeouts, 3 walks, 1 hit batter, 1 passed ball, 13 assists, 27 putouts, 2 errors and both teams used 2 pitchers. The game was called due to darkness


1911The Brooklyn Superbas are now known as the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Boston Doves are now the Boston Rustlers
Apr 15, 1911Grover Cleveland Alexander makes his Major League debut in a Phillies 5 - 4 loss to the Rustlers.event thumbnail
Oct 11, 1911The first league MVP Awards are given. The AL award goes to Detroit's Ty Cobb while the NL Most Valuable Player is Frank Schulte of the Cubs
Dec, 1911The Boston Rustlers are bought by NY politician James Gaffney and former player John Montgomery Ward. The team is now called the Braves


Apr 11, 1912The New York Highlanders debut their new pinstripe uniforms


1913The New York Highlanders are now the New York Yankees


1914The Federal League, a third professional baseball league begins play. Teams were based in Brooklyn, Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Kansas City, Buffalo and Indianapolis. Entrepreneurs believed that baseball was popular enough to support three leagues
Jul 11, 1914Babe Ruth makes his Major League debut with the Boston Red Sox. Ruth strikes out in his first at bat, but pitches a 4 - 3 win over Cleveland.event thumbnail


1915The Cleveland Naps are now known as the Cleveland Indians
May 6, 1915Babe Ruth hits his first Major League home run off of Yankees pitcher Jack Warhop. The blast came in the third inning of a game played at New York's Polo Grounds
Sep 10, 1915Rogers Hornsby makes his Major League debut for the Cardinals. He goes 0 for 2 in his two plate appearances
Dec 1915The Federal League and Major League Baseball come to an agreement, ending the Federal League's two years of existence. Major League baseball pays $600,000 to be distributed to


Apr 1917A cold and rainy spring, combined with the US entry into World War I, resulted in the postponement of 48 NL games in the first month of the season
Nov 22, 1917The NHL is founded with five teams - Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators Toronto Arenas and Quebec Bulldogs. However, Quebec did not play during the 1917 - 18 season.event thumbnail
Dec 19, 1917Dave Ritchie, of the Montreal Wanderers, scores the first goal in NHL history in a 10 - 9 Montreal victory over the Toronto Arenas.event thumbnail


1918The Montreal Wanderers fold after one season in the NHL
Feb 18, 1918Georges Vezina, of the Montreal Canadiens records the first NHL shutout in a 9 - 0 win over Toronto.event thumbnail
Mar 20, 1918The Toronto Arenas are the first NHL team to compete in the Stanley Cup Finals as they beat the Pacific Coast Hockey Association's Vancouver Millionaires 5 - 3.event thumbnail
Jul 19, 1918US Government rules that baseball is not an essential occupation and that all players of draft age are subject to the "work in essential industries or fight" rule. Major League baseball decides end the season early. The regular season ends on September 2nd
Sep 5, 1918For the first time, The Star Spangled Banner is played at a Major League game


1919The Quebec Athletic Club enter the league
Apr 1, 1919The final game of the 1919 Stanley Cup Finals between the Montreal Canadiens and the Seattle Metropolitans is canceled because of a worldwide influenza epidemic
Oct 9, 1919The Cincinnati Reds defeat the Chicago White Sox clinching the 1919 World Series title. The 1919 Series will be revisited in 1920 as the "Black Sox" scandal is exposed.event thumbnail
Dec 13, 1919The Toronto Arenas become the Toronto St. Patrick's


Jan 1920The New York Yankees announce that they have purchased Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox
1920The NHL sells the Quebec franchise to Abso Pure Ice Company of Hamilton Ontario and the Hamilton Tigers begin play.event thumbnail
Sep 18, 1920A headline in the Chicago Tribune reads "IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE SOX? 1919 WORLD SERIES SCANDAL REVIVED
Sep 22, 1920A grand jury in Chicago convenes to investigate whether or not the White Sox players conspired to fix the 1919 World Series
Sep 28, 1920The Chicago grand jury indicts 8 Chicago White Sox in the 1919 World Series fixing scandal.event thumbnail


Apr 4, 1921The Ottawa Senators become the first team to win back to back Stanley Cup Championships as they defeat the Vancouver Millionaires 2 -1 in the fifth game of the Finals.event thumbnail
Jul 18, 1921The Black Sox trial begins in Chicago
Aug 5, 1921The first radio broadcast of a Major League game airs over KDKA in Pittsburgh. In that game the Pirates beat the Phillies 8 - 5


Apr 1922The St. Louis Cardinals debut their classic bird on bat design jerseys.event thumbnail
Jun 24, 1922The American Professional Football Association is renamed the National Football League. The league consists of 18 teams: Canton Bulldogs / Chicago Bears / Chicago Cardinals / Toledo Maroons / Rock Island Independents / Racine Legion/ Green Bay Packers / Dayton Triangles / Buffalo All-Americans / Akron Pros / Oorang Indians / Milwaukee Badgers / Minneapolis Marines / Louisville Brecks/Hammond Pros / Columbus Panhandles / Evansville Crimson Giants/Rochester Jeffersonsevent thumbnail


1923One team changed names, one moved on, and three new teams entered the league. Added were the Duluth Kelleys, the St. Louis All Stars and the Cleveland Indians. The Columbus Panhandles became the Columbus Tigers and the Evansville Crimson Giants disbanded.event thumbnail
Apr 18, 1923Yankee Stadium opens. In the first game in "The House That Ruth Built" the Yankees beat the Red Sox 4 - 1.event thumbnail
Jun 15, 1923Lou Gehrig makes his Major League debut when the Yankees faced the St. Louis Browns in New York. Gehrig came into the game as a pinch hitter but did not reach base
Oct 15, 1923The New York Yankees win their first World Series title.event thumbnail


1924Out are the Oorang Indians, the Louisville Brecks and the Columbus Panhandles. In are the Frankford Yellow Jackets and the Kansas City Blues. The Cleveland Indians become the Cleveland Bulldogs, the Buffalo All Americans become the Buffalo Bisons and the Toledo Maroons become the Kenosha Maroons
Oct 11, 1924The Boston Bruins and the Montreal Maroons are granted franchises. Both teams begin play at the start of the 1924 - 25 season
Dec 1, 1924The Boston Bruins and the Montreal Maroons take part in the first NHL game to be played in the United States. Boston wins 2 - 1


1925In are the New York Giants, Detroit Panthers, Providence Steam Roller and Pottsville Maroons. Out are the Racine Legion, Minneapolis Marines and Kenosha Maroons. The Kansas City Blues become the KC Cowboys. Also, All American halfback Red Grange signs to play with the Chicago Bears.event thumbnail
1925The Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Americans begin play.event thumbnail


1926Red Grange's manager tells the Bears that Grange requires a five figure salary and 1/3 ownership. The Bears refuse so C.C. Pyle starts his own football league called the American Football League. Grange plays for the team from New York called the Yankees. The Rock Island Independents leave the NFL for the AFL. The league folds after one season. Two clubs are out - Rock Island Independents and Cleveland Bulldogs. Two teams come in - Los Angeles Buccaneers and Brooklyn Lions. The Duluth Kelleys become the Duluth Eskimos and the Buffalo Bisons become the Rangers
May 15, 1926The New York Rangers are granted an NHL franchise
Nov 1926The Chicago Black Hawks and Detroit Cougars begin play. The Toronto St. Patrick's become the Toronto Maple Leafs


Apr 23, 1927League officials decides that it's best to consolidate, so the NFL drops to 12 teams - New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Bulldogs, Providence Steam Roller, New York Yankees, Frankford Yellow Jackets, Pottsville Maroons, Chicago Cardinals, Duluth Eskimos,, Dayton Triangles and Buffalo Bisons.event thumbnail
Sep 30, 1927Babe Ruth hits his 60th home run of the 1927 season, more than any Major League team.
Nov 1927The New York Rangers begin play.event thumbnail


1928Two more teams drop out - Duluth Eskimos and Buffalo Bisons


Apr 16, 1929The Cleveland Indians open the season wearing uniform numbers on their backs, the first time a Major League team has done so. The Yankees followed suit two days later. If the Yankees game on the 16th had not been rained out they would have been the first
May 6, 1929The American League announces that it is discontinuing the Most Valuable Player Award
Nov 6, 1929Out are the New York Yankees and in are the Orange Tornadoes, Staten Island Stapletons and Minneapolis Red Jackets. The Steam Rollers become the first NFL team to host a game under the lights.


1930The Dayton Flyers are sold and moved to Brooklyn, becoming the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Portsmouth Spartans join and the Orange Tornadoes become the Newark Tornadoes. The Buffalo Bisons and the Boston Bulldogs drop out.event thumbnail
1930The Detroit Cougars become the Detroit Falcons. The Pittsburgh Pirates move to Philadelphia and become the Philadelphia Quakers. The Quakers fold after one season
Sep 21, 1930Bronko Nagurski plays his first game for the Bears.event thumbnail
Sep 28, 1930Pitcher Dizzy Dean makes his Major League debut as the Cardinals defeat the Pirates 3 - 1


1931Minneapolis Red Jackets disband. Halfway through the season the Frankford Yellow Jackets folded. The Packers won their third consecutive title


1932The Providence Steam Roller and the Cleveland Indians fold. Official statistics are kept for the first time.
Jun 3, 1932Lou Gehrig hits four home runs in a game against the Athletics in Philadelphia
Jul 9, 1932The NFL awards a new team to a group from Boston. They call them the Brave
Oct 5, 1932The Detroit Tigers become the Detroit Red Wings.event thumbnail
Oct 19, 1932The Baseball Writers of America take up the MVP Award, giving it to Jimmie Foxx of the Athletics in the AL and Chuck Klein of the Phillies in the NL
Dec 18, 1932The regular season ends with the Bears and Spartans tied. The league office decides to play one more game to determine a champion. The game is played indoors at Chicago Stadium because of the winter weather. The Bears win 9 - 0


1933Three new teams join the league - Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Reds. The Staten Island Stapletons fold. The Braves become the Redskins
Jul 6, 1933The first Major League All Star Game is played at Comiskey Park. The AL won the inaugural summer classic 4 - 2.event thumbnail
Jul 8, 1933The league decides to split into two divisions, with the winners of each division meeting in a championship game
Dec 17, 1933The first NFL Championship is played with the Bears beating the Giants 23 - 21.event thumbnail


1934The Ottawa Senators move to St. Louis Missouri and become the St. Louis Eagles. The Eagles last only one season
1934The Portsmouth Spartans are sold, move to Detroit and become the Lions. The Cincinnati Reds lose their first eight games and are suspended from the league when they default on payments. An independent team called the St. Louis Gunners join and finish the season 1 - 2 in their three games. The Gunners only play one season in the NFL
Feb 14, 1934The NHL holds its first All Star Game. The game matched the Toronto Maple Leafs against a team of league All Stars. The Maple Leafs won 7 - 3
Aug 31, 1934The Bears play a game against college All Stars. The Chicago College All-Star Game is played at Soldier Field and ends in a scoreless tie. The game is played in front of 79,000+
Sep 30, 1934Babe Ruth plays his last game in pinstripes as the Yankees host the Senators. Ruth goes 0 for 3 and leaves the field in tears after his final at bat
Nov 29, 1934The Bears and Lions play on Thanksgiving Day. The game is the first one to be broadcast nationally
Dec 9, 1934The Sneaker Game is played - The championship between the Giants and Bears on an extremely cold and icy day. The Giants are down at halftime, but when they come out in the second half in their basketball shoes the game turns their way. Final score, Giants 30 Bears 13


Feb 26, 1935Babe Ruth signs with the Boston Braves.event thumbnail
May 19, 1935The league adopts a plan to have an annual draft of college players, beginning in 1936. The teams will draft in an inverse order of finish
May 25, 1935Babe Ruth hits his 714th and final home run.
Jun 2, 1935Babe Ruth announces his retirement


1936A rival league begins play. It's called the American Football League
Jan 30, 1936The new owners of the Boston Braves ask newspapermen, with suggestions from the fans, to pick a new name for the franchise. The winning name is Bees
Feb 2, 1936The baseball writers select the inaugural class of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The first players to be inducted will be Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson. Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner
Feb 8, 1936Jay Berwanger, halfback from the University of Chicago is the first player selected in the inaugural NFL Draft. Berwanger was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles.event thumbnail
May 3, 1936Joe DiMaggio makes his Major League debut with the Yankees in New York. He goes 3 for 6 with 3 runs and an RBI as the Yankees dominate the Cardinals 14 - 5
Jul 19, 1936Bob Feller makes his Major League debut in relief for the Indians


1937The AFL folds after two seasons. The Redskins sign TCU All-America tailback Sammy Baugh.event thumbnail
Feb 12, 1937Cleveland is awarded a franchise. They name it the Rams
Feb 13, 1937The Boston Redskins move to Washington.event thumbnail


1938The Montreal Maroons suspend operations


Jan 15, 1939The first Pro Bowl is played. The NFL Champion New York Giants played a team of All Stars at Wrigley Field. The Giants won 13 - 10
Apr 20, 1939Ted Williams makes his Major League debut as the Red Sox face the Yankees in New York. Williams goes 1 for 4 as the Sox fall to the Yankees 2 - 0.event thumbnail
May 2, 1939Lou Gehrig voluntarily benches himself "for the good of the team", ending his consecutive game streak at 2,130 games. At the time Gehrig is hitting .143 and has one RBI
Jun 21, 1939The Yankees announce Lou Gehrig's retirement. He has been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Jul 4, 1939event thumbnailLou Gehrig gives his farewell speech at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees retire Gehrig's # 4, becoming the first player to have his number retired.
Aug 26, 1939The first Major League game to be broadcast on television airs from Ebbets Field as the Reds face the Dodgers. The game is available for public viewing at RCA Pavilion in Rockefeller Center
Oct 22, 1939The Brooklyn Dodgers vs Philadelphia Eagles game from Ebbets Field is the first television broadcast when the game airs on approximately 1000 sets in New York.event thumbnail


1940Another new league, again called the American Football League begins play. Like the previous AFL, this league folds after two seasons. The Pirates are renamed the Steelers
Feb 25, 1940In the first game to be televised in the United States, the Rangers beat the Canadiens 6 - 2


1941The Boston Bees experiment comes to an end as the club returns to their previous name, the Boston Braves
1941The New York Americans become the Brooklyn Americans, even though they continue to play their games in Manhattan.event thumbnail
Apr 26, 1941The Chicago Cubs install an organ in Wrigley Field, becoming the first team to do so
Jun 2, 1941Lou Gehrig, 37, dies of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Jun 29, 1941In the first game of a doubleheader against Washington, Joe DiMaggio singles, tying the AL record of 41 consecutive games with a hit. In the second game he singles again, setting a new record of 42 consecutive games
Jul 1, 1941At Yankee Stadium Joe DiMaggio has two hits, tying the Major League record of 44 consecutive games with a hit.event thumbnail
Jul 2, 1941In his only hit of the day, Joe DiMaggio breaks the record for consecutive games with a hit. The record is his at 45.event thumbnail
Jul 17, 1941At Cleveland's League Park Joe DiMaggio goes 0 for 3 with one walk, ending his consecutive game hitting streak at 56.event thumbnail
Sep 28, 1941Ted Williams finishes the season with a .406 batting average. No player has finished the season with a .400+ batting average since
Dec 21, 1941The Bears and Packers play the first divisional playoff game in league history, with the Bears winning 33 - 14


1942The Brooklyn Americans suspend operations
1942Rosters are depleted as many players are serving in the military
Jan 6, 1942Bob Feller enlists in the Navy and reports to Norfolk, VA for duty
Feb 3, 1942Major League owners meet to discuss baseball during wartime. It is decided that more night games will be played to accommodate workers. It is also decided that there will be two All Star Games, with the second game to be played against a military All Star team


1943Boston is granted a franchise, to become active in 1944
Mar 5, 1943Phil's manager Hans Lobert decides that it's time to change the team's nickname. "We've been at the bottom of the standing so long the syllable seems to imply we're lying dormant. Besides, it confuses us with a cheroot. "I don't like it," he explains in the TSN. "It may sound a bit far fetched, but it's going to be the Phils from now on."event thumbnail
Apr 6, 1943The league allows the Cleveland Rams to suspend the team for one season because both of their owners are in the service
Jun 2, 1943Ted Williams enlists in the Navy but does not report until after the season has concluded
Jun 19, 1943event thumbnailThe franchises in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are granted permission to merge of one season.
Jul 7, 1943The military All Stars take on the AL All Stars. The AL wins the game, while the event raises $160,000 for military relief


1944The new team in Boston is named the Yanks. The Cleveland Rams resume operations and the Brooklyn Dodgers become the Brooklyn Tigers.event thumbnail
Mar 4, 1944The Phillies need to do something to create a spark so they decide to change their nickname. After a newspaper contest the team decides to now go by the name Blue Jays. The experiment lasts for two seasons and the Phillies return in 1946.event thumbnail
Apr 21, 1944The Cardinals and Steelers merged for one season, calling themselves Card-Pitt


1945Boston and Brooklyn merged into one team, calling themselves the Yanks. In December the Brooklyn franchise withdrew from the NFL and joined the newly formed All-America Football Conference. The Boston team is now the Yanks, again
Mar 28, 1945Maurice "Rocket" Richard of the Montreal Canadiens becomes the first NHL player to score 50 goals in a season.event thumbnail
Jul 1, 1945After serving in the Army for four years, Hank Greenberg returns to the Tigers and homers in his first game back.
Oct 23, 1945The Dodgers' Branch Rickey announces the team's signing of Jackie Robinson


1946The Cleveland Rams move to Los Angeles, and keep the nickname Rams.event thumbnail
Mar 17, 1946The Dodgers face their minor league team, the Montreal Royals in a spring training game in Florida. Jackie Robinson is in the line up for the Royals, marking the first time that an integrated team plays an organized baseball game.event thumbnail
Mar 21, 1946Kenny Washington signs with the Los Angeles Rams becoming the first Africna American to play in the modern day NFL. The rival AAFC began play with eight teams.event thumbnail
Aug 9, 1946For the first time in Major League history, all games are played at night
Nov 1, 1946event thumbnailThe Basketball Association of America, precursor to the NBA, holds their first game as the New York Knicks face the Toronto Huskies at Maple Leaf Gardens. The Knicks win the inaugural game 68 - 66.


Apr 10, 1947Branch Rickey announces that the Dodgers have purchased the contract of Jackie Robinson from the Montreal Royals and that he will report immediately
Apr 15, 1947Jackie Robinson becomes the first African American to play in a Major League game. He goes 0 for 3 in his three plate appearances.event thumbnail
Apr 22, 1947The Philadelphia Warriors win the first BAA Championship, defeating the Chicago Stags 4 games to 1.event thumbnail
Jul 5, 1947Larry Doby becomes the first African American ballplayer to appear in an AL game as he takes the field for the Indians
Sep 17, 1947Jackie Robinson is named Rookie of the Year


Jun 2, 1948The league announces that the Art Ross Trophy will be awarded annually to the scoring leader. Montreal's Elmer Lach is the first winner
Jul 7, 1948The Cleveland Indians sign 42 year old Negro League Pitcher Satchel Paige. Paige debuts the next day in relief and the Indians win the game against the Yankees 8 - 6.event thumbnail
Aug 16, 1948Babe Ruth, 53, dies of throat cancer
Nov 3, 1948Gordie Howe of the Red Wings makes his first of an eventual 21 All Star appearances
Dec 21, 1948With the first pick in the draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select Chuck Bednarik from the University of Pennsylvania.event thumbnail


1949The Basketball Association of America merges with the National Basketball League forming the National Basketball Association
1949The Boston Yanks become the New York Bulldogs
Apr 16, 1949The Toronto Maple Leafs become the first NHL franchise to win three consecutive Stanley Cup titles when they defeat Detroit in Game 4 of the 1948 - 49 finals.event thumbnail
Nov 18, 1949Jackie Robinson is voted National League MVP.event thumbnail
Dec 9, 1949It's announced that three AAFC teams - Cleveland, San Francisco and Baltimore would join the NFL in 1950


1950The New York Bulldogs become the Yanks. The Los Angeles Rams become the first team to have all of its games televised
Apr 25, 1950Chuck Cooper, from Duquesne University, becomes the first African American basketball player to be drafted into the NBA. The Boston Celtics take him with the 2nd pick of the 2nd round.event thumbnail
Oct 31, 1950Earl Lloyd becomes the first African American to play in the NBA when he debuts for the Washington Capitols


Jan 14, 1951The Pro Bowl Game returns after a nine year absence. The format is changed and the game features All Stars from each conference. The American Conference defeats the National Conference 28 - 27.event thumbnail
Mar 2, 1951The first NBA All Star Game is played. The East - West match up was played at the Boston Garden with the East coming out on top, 111 - 94
Apr 17, 1951Mickey Mantle makes his Major League debut as the Yankees face the Red Sox in New York. Mantle contributes one hit, one RBI and one run


Jan 19, 1952The New York Yanks franchise is sold back to the league
Jan 24, 1952A group from Dallas purchases the Yanks assets and the Texans are born. However, the owners turn the franchise back in mid-season and the Texans fold at the season's end
Apr 30, 1952In his last at bat before reporting to Korea as a fighter pilot, Ted Williams hits a game winning two run home run


Jan 23, 1953A group out of Baltimore is granted the rights to the former Dallas organization. They are called the Colts
Mar 18, 1953The Boston Braves become the Milwaukee Braves.event thumbnail
Aug 6, 1953Ted Williams is back in a Red Sox uniform after his service in the Korean War
Nov 17, 1953The St. Louis Browns become the Baltimore Orioles


Apr 13, 1954Hank Aaron makes his Major League debut. He went 0 for 5 as the Braves fell to the Reds 9 - 8
May 10, 1954The league's first Norris Trophy, awarded to the NHL's top defenseman, goes to Detroit's Red Kelly.event thumbnail
Oct 1954The financially doomed Philadelphia Athletics are sold and will move to Kansas City


1955The Baltimore Colts sign free agent Johnny Unitas.event thumbnail
Mar 10, 1955event thumbnailThe Zamboni debuts.
Apr 17, 1955Pittsburgh Pirate rookie Roberto Clemente makes his Major League debut. He goes 1 for 4 as the Dodgers top the Pirates 10 - 3
Jul 6, 1955Sandy Koufax makes his Major League debut at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. He goes for 4 1/3 innings and gets a no decision.event thumbnail
Sep 17, 1955Brooks Robinson makes his Major League debut when the Orioles face the Senators. The future Hall of Famer goes 2 for 4 in the Orioles win
Nov 29, 1955With the 200th pick in the draft the Green Bay Packers select Bart Starr from the University of Alabama.event thumbnail


Apr 30, 1956The St. Louis Hawks draft Center Bill Russell with the 3rd pick of the draft. The Hawks traded Russell to the Boston Celtics for Ed Macauley and Cliff Hagan
Nov 27, 1956With the 6th pick of the draft, the Cleveland Browns select Jim Brown from Syracuse University.event thumbnail
Dec 13, 1956Jackie Robinson is traded from the Dodgers to the Giants. Robinson opts to retire


Apr 13, 1957The Boston Celtics win their first NBA Championship, defeating the St. Louis Hawks 4 games to 3.event thumbnail
Oct 8, 1957Bobby Hull makes his NHL debut with the Chicago Blackhawks.event thumbnail


1958Browns Running Back Jim Brown rushes for a league record 1,527 yards
Apr 1958The Dodgers and Giants begin the 1958 season in their new west coast homes of Los Angeles and San Francisco. In the AL, players are now required to wear batting helmets
Dec 28, 1958The Colts and the Giants play the first sudden death overtime Championship Game. The Colts win it on an Alan Ameche touchdown, 8:15 into OT.event thumbnail


Jan 28, 1959Vince Lombardi is named coach of the Green Bay Packers
Apr 9, 1959The Boston Celtics win the first of eight consecutive NBA Championships, a record that still stands
Aug 22, 1959A second league is formed and named the American Football League. They will begin play in 1960
Oct 24, 1959Philadelphia Warriors Center Wilt Chamberlain makes his NBA debut in a game against the Knicks. Chamberlain scores 43 points and has 28 rebounds as the Warriors top the Knicks 118 - 109.event thumbnail
Nov 7, 1959The Rivalry Begins - Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell meet on an NBA court for the first time. The Celtics win the game, 115 - 106. Chamberlain contributes 30 points in the losing effort while Russell has 22 in the win.event thumbnail


Jan 28, 1960Minnesota and Dallas are granted NFL franchises to begin play in 1961
Mar 13, 1960NFL owners vote to approve the transfer of the Chicago Cardinals to St. Louis
Apr 14, 1960event thumbnailThe Montreal Canadiens become the first and only NHL team to win five consecutive Stanley Cup Championships in a 4 - 0 win over the Maple Leafs.
Jun 26, 1960Cubs rookie Ron Santo makes his Major League debut going 3 for 7 and driving in 5 runs in the Cubs victory over the Pirates
Oct 17, 1960The NL votes to admit two new clubs, Houston and New York, in 1962
Oct 19, 1960The former Minneapolis Lakers play their first game as the Los Angeles Lakers, losing to the Cincinnati Royals 140 - 123
Oct 27, 1960The Washington Senators are given permission to move to Minneapolis / St. Paul. A new group is given approval to begin another franchise in Washington and to use the nickname Senators
Dec 6, 1960Movie star Gene Autry heads a group that is awarded a new AL franchise in Los Angeles. They will be called the Angels


Apr 26, 1961Yankees Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle both hit home runs, beginning their battle for the single season home run record.event thumbnail
May 8, 1961The New NL franchise is named the Mets
Oct 1, 1961event thumbnailAt Yankee Stadium, Roger Maris breaks Babe Ruth's single season home run record when he blasts his 61st HR of the season into the right field stands.
Dec 31, 1961Green Bay wins its first NFL Championship, beating the Giants 37 - 0.event thumbnail


Mar 2, 1962event thumbnailWilt Chamberlain scores 100 points in a game at Hershey Sports Arena against the New York Knicks.
Mar 14, 1962Cincinnati Royals guard Oscar Robertson finishes the season averaging a triple double - 30.8 points / 12.5 rebounds / 11.4 assists. Robertson was, and is, the only player to accomplish this incredible feat.event thumbnail
Apr 1962The Houston Colt .45s and the New York Mets begin play
Oct 23, 1962The newly relocated San Francisco Warriors - formerly the Philadelphia Warriors - win their first game in their new home on the west coast, defeating the Pistons 140 - 113


1963Jim Brown breaks his own single season rushing record when he rushes for 1,863 total yards
Jun 5, 1963The NHL holds its first amateur draft. With the first pick Montreal selects Garry Monahan
Sep 29, 1963Stan Musial plays his last professional baseball game
Dec 2, 1963With the 129th pick in the draft the Dallas Cowboys select Roger Staubach from Navy.event thumbnail


Jun 21, 1964At Shea Stadium, on Father's Day, the Phillies' Jim Bunning throws a perfect game. The Phillies beat the Mets 6 - 0.event thumbnail
Nov 7, 1964The Milwaukee Braves are given permission to move to Atlanta after the 1965 season
Dec 1, 1964The Houston Colt .45s change their name to the Astros


Jun 30, 1965Atlanta is awarded a franchise for the 1966 season
Sep 3, 1965In preparation for their move to Anaheim, the Los Angeles Angels change their name to the California Angels


Mar 12, 1966Bobby Hull becomes the first NHL player to score more than 50 goals in one season
Jun 8, 1966NFL Commissioner Peter Rozelle announces the merger of the AFL and NFL, effective for the 1970 season. The leagues agree to play an annual World Championship game beginning in January 1967
Sep 3, 1966Bobby Orr signs his first NHL contract with the Boston Bruins
Oct 15, 1966The Chicago Bulls play their first NBA game, defeating the St. Louis Hawks 104 - 97
Oct 19, 1966Bobby Orr makes his NHL debut in a game against the Red Wings in Boston.event thumbnail
Nov 1, 1966New Orleans is awarded a franchise to begin play in 1967
Nov 18, 1966Sandy Koufax announces his retirement


Jan 15, 1967The Green Bay Packers represent the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs represent the AFL in the first annual AFL - NFL World Championship Game. The Packers beat the Chiefs 35 - 10.event thumbnail
Apr 11, 1967Twins 2nd baseman Rod Carew debuts in a game against the Orioles in Baltimore. Carew has two hits in four at bats
Apr 13, 1967Mets rookie pitcher Tom Seaver makes his Major League debut. He lasts 5 innings giving up 6 hits, 2 earned runs and striking out 8.event thumbnail
Apr 24, 1967The Philadelphia 76ers, in their fourth year of existence, win their first NBA Championship defeating the San Francisco Warriors.event thumbnail
Jun 5, 1967The league adds six new franchises - the St. Louis Blues, the California Seals, the Philadelphia Flyers, the Minnesota North Stars, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Los Angeles Kings.
Jun 9, 1967Reggie Jackson debuts for the KC Athletics, going 0 for 3 as the Athletics beat the Indians 2 - 0
Aug 28, 1967Johnny Bench plays in his first Major League game, going 0 for 3 in the Reds 3 - 2 loss to the Phillies
Oct 1967The AL approves the A's move to Oakland for the 1969 season
Oct 13, 1967The first game of the now 82 game season is played between the Seattle SuperSonics and the San Francisco Warriors. The Warriors won 144 - 116
Dec 1967The city of Seattle is awarded a franchise for the 1969 season
Dec 8, 1967The California Seals are renamed the Oakland Seals


Mar 21, 1968The new franchise in Kansas City will be named the Royal
Apr 9, 1968Opening Day is delayed because of the funeral of Martin Luther King, Jr
May 8, 1968Oakland A's pitched Catfish Hunter throws a perfect game against the Twins.event thumbnail
May 27, 1968Montreal and San Diego are awarded NL franchises to begin play in 1969
Sep 25, 1968Mickey Mantle makes his final appearance in a game at Yankee Stadium


Jan 12, 1969The phrase Super Bowl is recognized by the NFL for the first time. In that Championship game, the Jets beat the Colts 16 - 7.event thumbnail
Jan 28, 1969With the 4th pick in the draft the Pittsburgh Steelers selected Joe Greene from North Texas
Apr 8, 1969Expansion teams in Montreal, San Diego, Kansas City and Seattle all win their inaugural games


1970The Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club purchases the Seattle Pilots and moves them to Milwaukee for the 1970 season. The Pittsburgh Pirates are the first team to wear cotton / nylon jerseys instead of wool flannel
Jan 27, 1970With the first pick in the draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Terry Bradshaw from Louisiana Tech University.event thumbnail
Mar 18, 1970Among other rule changes, the league decides to put players' names on the backs of jerseys
Apr 5, 1970Bobby Orr of the Bruins becomes the first NHL defenseman to win the Art Ross Trophy as the league's top scorer. Orr finished the season with 33 goals and 87 assists
May 8, 1970event thumbnailWillis Reed leads the New York Knicks to their first NBA Championship. They defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in seven games.
May 22, 1970The Oakland Seals become the California Golden Seals.
Sep 3, 1970Vince Lombardi dies of cancer at 57
Sep 10, 1970The Super Bowl trophy is renamed the Vince Lombardi trophy.event thumbnail
Oct 9, 1970The Vancouver Canucks begin play.event thumbnail
Oct 10, 1970The Buffalo Sabres begin play.event thumbnail


Jan 24, 1971The NFC defeats the AFC in the first AFC - NFL Pro Bowl
Mar 25, 1971The Boston Patriots change their name to the New England Patriots
Nov 5, 1971January 7, 1972 - The Los Angeles Lakers win 33 straight games, establishing a record that stands today
Nov 9, 1971The league announces that is has approved a franchise in Atlanta. They will be called the Flames
Dec 31, 1971Another new franchise is awarded, this time it's the New York Islanders


1972The Texas Rangers, who moved to Arlington from Washington DC, play their first season
1972The Atlanta Flames and New York Islanders begin play
Feb 1, 1972With the 13th pick in the draft the Pittsburgh Steelers selected Franco Harris from Penn State University
Apr 7, 1972For the first time in history the start of the Major League season is delayed due to a players strike
Apr 13, 1972The end of the strike is announced and the season is set to resume on April 15
Sep 30, 1972event thumbnailRoberto Clemente gets his 3,000th, and final, career hit.
Oct 24, 1972Jackie Robinson dies of heart disease at age 53
Dec 23, 1972event thumbnailThe Immaculate Reception.
Dec 31, 1972Roberto Clemente dies when the airplane that is taking him to Nicaragua to assist with hurricane relief crashes


Apr 5, 1973A uniform numbering system id developed: Quarterbacks / Specialists 1 - 19, 20 - 49 for Running Backs & Defensive Backs, 50 - 59 for Centers and Linebackers, 60 - 79 for Defensive Linemen and Offensive Lineman - not centers - and 80 - 89 for Wide Receivers and Tight Ends


Apr 4, 1974Hank Aaron ties Babe Ruth's career home run record when he hits # 714 in his first at bat of the season
Apr 8, 1974event thumbnailIn the 4th inning of the Braves home opener, Hank Aaron hits career home run # 715, becoming Major League Baseball's new home run king.
Apr 24, 1974Tampa Bay is awarded a franchise to begin play in 1976
May 19, 1974event thumbnailThe Philadelphia Flyers become the first expansion team to win the Stanley Cup. They beat the Bruins in six games.
Jun 4, 1974Seattle is awarded the league's 28th franchise
Jun 11, 1974The Kansas City Scouts and the Washington Capitals are announced as new franchises


Jan 28, 1975With the 4th pick in the draft the Chicago Bears select Walter Payton from Jackson State.event thumbnail
Nov 28, 1975Fred Lynn becomes the first rookie to win the league MVP Award when he is awarded the AL title


1976The Kansas City Scouts move to Colorado and become the Colorado Rockies. The California Golden Seals move to Cleveland, Ohio and become the Cleveland Barons
Jul 20, 1976Hank Aaron hits his 755th and final home run
Aug 8, 1976The Chicago White Sox take the field in shorts for the first game of a double header against the Royals.event thumbnail
Oct 21, 1976The Cincinnati Reds become the first team to go through the League Championship Series and the World Series with no losses


Apr 1977Two new MLB franchises make their debuts - Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays
Apr 3, 1977The Montreal Canadiens become the first team to win 60 games in a season.event thumbnail
May 3, 1977With the 2nd pick in the draft the Dallas Cowboys select Tony Dorsett from the University of Pittsburgh
Jun 5, 1977The Portland Trail Blazers, led by Bill Walton, win their first NBA Championship. They defeat Julius Erving and the 76ers in 6 games.event thumbnail
Oct 18, 1977event thumbnailReggie Jackson earns the nickname "Mr. October" when he hits three home runs leading the Yankees to a World Series title.


Jan 15, 1978event thumbnailDallas defeated Denver in the first indoor Super Bowl. The game was played at the Louisiana Superdome with a final score of 27 - 10.
Jun 9, 1978With the sixth pick in the 1978 draft, the Boston Celtics select Larry Bird, from Indiana State University. However, Bird decides to go back to Indiana State for his Senior year, while the Celtics retain his rights.event thumbnail
Jun 13, 1978The league agrees on the merger of the Cleveland Barons and Minnesota North Stars


Jan 21, 1979The Pittsburgh Steelers become the first team to win 3 Super Bowl when they defeat the Dallas Cowboys 35 - 31
May 3, 1979With the 82nd pick in the draft the San Francisco 49ers select Joe Montana from Notre Dame.event thumbnail
Jun 22, 1979The NHL votes to merge with the WHA. Four teams from the WHA join the NHL - Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets, Hartford Whalers and Quebec Nordiques
Jun 24, 1979Rickey Henderson makes his Major League debut. The A's face the Rangers, losing the game 5 - 1. Henderson has a single and a double and steals the first base of his Major League career
Jun 25, 1979With the first pick in the 1979 draft, the Los Angeles Lakers select Earvin "Magic" Johnson, from Michigan State University.event thumbnail
Aug 2, 1979Yankees catcher Thurman Munson dies when the plane he is piloting crashes in Ohio
Aug 9, 1979With the 48th pick in the draft, the Edmonton Oilers selected Mark Messier.event thumbnail
Sep 23, 1979Lou Brock steals his 938th and final base of his career.event thumbnail
Oct 10, 1979Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky makes their NHL debuts
Oct 12, 1979Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, the Utah Jazz and the 3 point line make their NBA debuts. Bird contributes 14 points to the Celtics 114 - 106 win over the Rockets. Johnson and the Lakers also win with Magic scoring 26 in the 103 - 102 victory over the San Diego Clippers. The Jazz, newly relocated from New Orleans, lose their first game to the Trail Blazers, 101 - 85


Jan 20, 1980event thumbnailThe Pittsburgh Steelers become the first team to win 4 Super Bowl when they defeat the Los Angeles Rams 31 - 19.
Feb 24, 1980Wayne Gretzky of the Edmonton Oilers becomes the youngest player in NHL history to score 100 points, prior to his 20th birthday.event thumbnail
Jun 24, 1980The Atlanta Flames move to Calgary
Sep 30, 1980Rickey Henderson sets the AL single season stolen base record when he steals his 97th base in a game against the White Sox


Apr 28, 1981With the 2nd pick in the draft the New York Giants select Lawrence Taylor from the University of North Carolina
Jun 12, 1981A strike in Major League baseball begins
Aug 10, 1981The season resumes
Nov 11, 1981Fernando Valenzuela becomes the first rookie to win the Cy Young Award


May 7, 1982The Oakland Raiders get the okay to move to Los Angeles.
May 27, 1982The Colorado Rockies become the New Jersey Devils
Aug 10, 1982Cal Ripken Jr. makes his Major League debut. Ripken enters as a pinch runner and scores the winning run in the 12th inning
Aug 27, 1982Rickey Henderson steals four bases in a game against the Brewers, breaking Lou Brock's single season stolen base record of 118.event thumbnail
Sep 20, 1982The NFL Players Association calls a strike at midnight
Nov 21, 1982Play resumes after the two month strike


Apr 26, 1983With the first pick in the draft, the Baltimore Colts select John Elway from Stanford. With the 13th pick the Buffalo Bills select Jim Kelly from the University of Miami.event thumbnail
May 16, 1983Mets rookie Darryl Strawberry hits his first Major League home run


Mar 28, 1984The Baltimore Colts relocate in Indianapolis
Apr 7, 1984Dwight Gooden makes his Major League debut, earning a 3 - 2 win for the Mets.event thumbnail
May 8, 1984Kirby Puckett, of the Minnesota Twins, makes his Major League debut. He hits 4 singles as the Twins top the Angels 5 - 0
Jun 9, 1984With the first pick in the NHL Entry Draft the Pittsburgh Penguins select Mario Lemieux. With the 51st pick, the Montreal Canadiens select Patrick Roy.event thumbnail
Jun 19, 1984With the third pick in the NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls select Michael Jordan, from the University of North Carolina.event thumbnail
Aug 21, 1984Boston rookie Roger Clemens strikes out 15 and walks none as the Sox beat KC 11 - 1
Nov 20, 1984Twenty year old Dwight Gooden becomes the youngest ever to win the NL MVP Award
Dec 14, 1984Eric Dickerson, of the Los Angeles Rams, sets the record for rushing yards in a single season with 2,105 yards.event thumbnail


Apr 30, 1985With the 16th pick in the draft the San Francisco 49ers select Jerry Rice from Mississippi Valley State
Jul 11, 1985Nolan Ryan becomes the first pitcher to record 4,000 strikeouts when he fans 11 Mets.event thumbnail


Apr 20, 1986event thumbnailMichael Jordan scores 63 points in a now legendary playoff game against the Boston Celtics.
Apr 29, 1986Roger Clemens strikes out 20 batters, establishing a new single game strikeout record
Sep 2, 1986Bo Jackson makes his Major League debut, going 1 for 3 as the Royals are blanked by the White Sox 3 - 0.event thumbnail
Oct 31, 1986The NBA logo makes its debut on the jerseys of all 23 teams.event thumbnail


Nov 18, 1987Andre Dawson of the Cubs becomes the first player to win the MVP Award while playing for a last place team


Mar 14, 1988The NFL owners approved the Cardinals move from St. Louis to Phoenix for the 1988 season
Aug 9, 1988The Cubs and Mets play the first official night game at Chicago's Wrigley Field. The Cubs get the win 6 - 4.event thumbnail
Sep 23, 1988Jose Canseco, of the Oakland Athletics, becomes the first player to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in one season
Nov 4, 1988The Charlotte Hornets make their NBA debut, losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers 133 - 93.event thumbnail
Nov 5, 1988The new franchise in Miami, the Heat, play their first game, losing to the Clippers 111 - 91.event thumbnail


Apr 3, 1989Ken Griffey Jr. doubles in his first Major League at bat in his first Major League game.event thumbnail
Apr 23, 1989With the first pick in the draft the Dallas Cowboys select Troy Aikman from UCLA. With the third pick the Detroit Lions select Barry Sanders from Oklahoma State University
Jun 13, 1989The Detroit Pistons defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in four games to win the first championship for the Motor City.event thumbnail
Oct 17, 1989San Francisco is hit with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake ½ an hour before Game 3 of the World Series between the Giants and the Athletics. There is minor damage to Candlestick Park, but the city itself sustains serious damage and 67 lives are lost.event thumbnail
Oct 27, 1989The World Series resumes after a 10 day earthquake delay.
Nov 3, 1989Basketball returns to Minnesota as the Timberwolves play their inaugural game. They faced Seattle, losing 106 - 94.event thumbnail
Nov 4, 1989One year after the Heat made their debut, Florida sees another NBA team take the floor as the Orlando Magic debut, losing to the Nets 111 - 106.event thumbnail


Apr 22, 1990With the 17th pick in the draft the Dallas Cowboys select Emmitt Smith from the University of Florida
Aug 31, 1990Ken Griffey Sr and Jr become the first father - son duo to play in the same game as the Mariners beat the Royals 5 - 2.event thumbnail


1991The San Jose Sharks begin play
May 1, 1991Rickey Henderson, Athletics, steals base # 939, breaking Lou Brock's career stolen base record.event thumbnail
Jun 12, 1991Michael Jordan leads the Chicago Bulls to their first NBA Championship. They defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in five games.event thumbnail
Jul 1991National League owners approve Denver and Miami as the sites for two new teams
Dec 16, 1991Hockey returns to Ottawa as the Senators come back to the NHL. The Tampa Bay Lightning also join the league


Jun 24, 1992With the first pick of the 1992 NBA draft, the Orlando Magic select Shaquille O'Neal from Louisiana State University.event thumbnail


1993The Florida Panthers and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim make their NHL debuts. The Minnesota North Stars move to Dallas
Apr 5, 1993The Florida Marlins play in their inaugural game, defeating the Dodgers 6 - 3. The Rockies didn't fare as well, losing their debut to the Mets, 3 - 0event thumbnail
Jun 24, 1993Carlton Fisk plays his final game
Oct 6, 1993Michael Jordan announces his retirement
Oct 26, 1993NFL owners vote to award a franchise to the Carolina Panthers
Nov 30, 1993The league's 30th team is awarded to Jacksonville


Jan 20, 1994The NHL season begins
Mar 23, 1994event thumbnailWayne Gretzky became the NHL's all time leading goal scorer when he scored # 802 in a game against Vancouver.
Jun 22, 1994The Houston Rockets win their first NBA title, defeating the Knicks in seven games.event thumbnail
Jul 9, 1994Alex Rodriguez of the Seattle Mariners gets his first two Major League hits
Aug 12, 1994Major League players go on strike
Sep 14, 1994Acting Commissioner Bud Selig cancels the remainder of the season
Oct, 1994The NHL season does not begin as scheduled due to a league wide lockout.


Jan 29, 1995The San Francisco 49ers become the first team to win five Super Bowls when they defeat the San Diego Chargers 49 - 26.event thumbnail
Mar 1995Baseball owners agree to admit two new teams for the 1998 season - Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks
Mar 18, 1995Michael Jordan announces his return to the NBA with a two word press release - "I'm back.
Mar 19, 1995Michael Jordan returns to the NBA. In his first game back, the Bulls faced the Pacers in Indiana. Jordan scored 19 points and contributed 6 assists and 6 rebounds as the Pacers defeated the Bulls 103 - 96.event thumbnail
Apr 25, 1995The strike that started last season finally ends
Jul 22, 1995The Los Angeles Raiders are approved to return to Oakland
Aug 13, 1995Baseball legend Mickey Mantle dies at age 63
Sep 6, 1995Cal Ripken Jr. plays in his 2,131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig's record.event thumbnail
Oct 6, 1995event thumbnailThe Quebec Nordiques move to Colorado and become the Avalanche. They go on to win the Stanley Cup in their first year.
Nov 3, 1995The NBA arrives in Canada. The Raptors play the first official game in Canada defeating the Nets 94 - 79 at the SkyDome in Toronto. Another Canadian team made its debut on this date. The Vancouver Grizzlies played their first official game in Portland, defeating the Trail Blazers 92 - 80


1996The Winnipeg Jets are sold and move to Phoenix. A contest winner comes up with the new name, Coyotes
Feb 8, 1996Dave Winfield announces his retirement
Feb 9, 1996Art Modell received permission to move the Browns from Cleveland to Baltimore and to change their name
Apr 21, 1996The Chicago Bulls finish the season with a record of 72 - 10, establishing the record for the best single season in the history of the NBA
Apr 30, 1996The league approves the transfer of the Houston Oilers to Nashville
May 29, 1996Derek Jeter goes 0 for 5 in his Major League debut.event thumbnail
Jun 26, 1996With the first pick in the 1996 Draft the Philadelphia 76ers select Allen Iverson from Georgetown. With the 13th pick, the Charlotte Hornets select Kobe Bryant from Lower Merion High School
Jul 12, 1996Kirby Puckett announces that he must retire, due to glaucoma
Nov 1, 1996In celebration of its 50th Anniversary, the NBA changes their logo to gold on all uniforms, for the duration of the 1996 - 97 season.event thumbnail
Nov 19, 1996The California Angels become the Anaheim Angles


May 6, 1997An announcement is made that the Hartford Whalers are moving to Carolina and will now be named the Hurricanes
Oct 26, 1997The Florida Marlins become the fastest team to win the World Series when they win the title five years after their debutevent thumbnail


1998The Nashville Predators begin play
Jun 14, 1998The Chicago Bulls win their sixth NBA title and Michael Jordan plays his final game in a Bulls uniform.event thumbnail
Sep 8, 1998Mark McGwire breaks Roger Maris's single season home run record when he hits his 62nd of the season.event thumbnail
Sep 20, 1998Prior to the star of a game against the Yankees, Cal Ripken Jr., removes himself from the lineup, ending his consecutive game streak at 2,632


1999The Atlanta Thrashers begin play
Mar 8, 1999Joe DiMaggio dies at the age of 84
Jun 25, 1999The San Antonio Spurs win the first title in franchise history defeating the New York Knicks 4 games to 1.event thumbnail
Aug 9, 1999The Cleveland Browns make their return when they face the Cowboys in the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio


Oct 30, 2002After relocating from Charlotte, the New Orleans Hornets make their debut in the Crescent City beating the Jazz 100 - 75


Jun 20, 2006The Miami Heat win their first NBA Championship, defeating the Dallas Mavericks in six games.event thumbnail


Apr, 1956Bob Pettit, a 2nd year player with the Milwaukee Hawks, wins the league's inaugural Most Valuable Player Award. Pettit averaged 25.7 PPG and 16.2 RPG.event thumbnail

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